• The machine is able to interpose a sheet of paper between two glass sheets by a simple command given by the pedal during the positioning on the rack. It is possible to use different width coils and even more small-sized coils for the same glass. The operation is completely automatic and controlled by PLC, the system unrolls the paper according to the height of the glass plate, cuts and increases the advancement of the coil according to the thickness of the glass stack and the paper unrolling The machine consists of a supporting frame with 4 wheels to be easly moved from one workstation to another. The machine is supplyed with a ready for use roll of paper and a spare roll.
  • The high performance digital image module combination through an innovative optics and powerful software, make our digital microscope an indispensable tool in quality control to check and record very high definition detailed images whether they are dots on glass, scratches, engraving of the Low-E coating, defects on the paint, etc. The measurement grid allows to check and record the size of the defects but also the size of the laser made engraving.
  • MEASUREMENT METHOD FOR ROLLER WAVE DISTORTION ON TEMPERED GLASS 350 mm aluminum bar with digital flatness indicator centrally mounted and connected to the PC by bluetooth. The instrument complies with the EN 12150-1: 2015 standard.
  • The Polariscope is a device to identify and evaluate the residual stress in tempered glass, using the light polarization to detect the glass stress. The glass analysis is carried out by inserting the glass between the two polarizing filters. The actual stress levels (degree of quenching) can easily be determined by comparing the colors noticed.
  • ELECTRONIC POLARISCOPE FOR THE FLAT AND BENT GLASS STRESS MEASUREMENT Fully computerized device to measure the internal flat and bent glass stress in a non-destructively way, both in the air and tin side of the glass. The stress measured through the glass thickness will appear like an immage on the computer screen. Suitable for most of the glass type.

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