Glass Company is synonymous with quality, technology, research and innovation that goes beyond standard mechanical solutions. Based in Pesaro, this enterprise is above all a consultant with a team of specialists and engineers able to help customers in the selection and development of machines capable of meeting their real needs.

Continuous innovation and research: this is the mission of Glass Company. In recent years, the company has been specialising in high-tech systems and machines such as lasers, coatings and surface treatments, smart and multimedia glass, photovoltaic equipment.

But the real key to Glass Company’s success is the ability to cooperate with the customer from the initial idea to the design and installation of the technological solutions requested.

Over its 22 years in business, Glass Company has established important partnerships with European, American and for several years also Asian manufacturers, which have allowed the company to engineer and offer technological solutions with an excellent quality/price ratio. Solutions often studied and designed for individual customers. An ability transformed into art with the aim of realising new and sophisticated projects.

The design and construction of plants incorporating special advanced technologies, the study of innovative solutions and the extremely positive feedback from the sector have led Glass Company to create a division, GlassMek, which includes:

  • LaserMek machines, equipped with fibre source, or other laser source, specially designed for the glass sector, ideal for ablation and engraving of any type of coating, leaving the glass completely clear or with an opaque effect.
  • SoftMek software, specially developed for calculating the location of coating cuts, electrical conductivity and other parameters necessary to produce heating glass complying with specific requirements.
  • FireMek machines for the production of fire-resistant glass.
  • PlasMek atmospheric pressure plasma system used for the preliminary treatment of glass surfaces.
  • Special machines, made on customer request, such as machines for the production of glass spacers, machines for the assembly of glass doors for refrigerator with clear spacers, machines for the application of functional coatings, chemical tempering furnaces, etc.
  • Smart glass tempering furnaces, available for flat and curved glass production, in single-chamber, double-chamber and continuous configurations.