• Ingenious multimedia device, i-Sun offers a new relax form on the beach or in the pool, suitable for all ages, transforming each sun lounger into a real interactive island with multiple resources.
  • Multimedia glass is suitable for the most varied applications including the possibility of making partition walls, flooring, etc. interactive. giving the possibility to highlight and promote any type of content in a unique and extraordinary way by combining transparency and images in a single device. It can work via pen drive, WIFI or can be connected to the network by cable. This multimedia glass was created for the refrigeration sector as a multimedia door to promote the products contained in the refrigerated cabinets, but it lends itself to countless other applications The glass can have the TOUCH SCREEN function or be remotely controlled with a radio control.
  • The anti-fog films are adhesive films on one side and coated with a special coating (anti-fog coating) on the other side which makes them anti-fog. These films offer high performance solutions primarily for anti-fog applications on supermarket fridge and freezer doors. The anti-fog film has excellent resistance to aggressive detergents, chemicals and UV rays, offers extraordinary transparency and light diffusion, as well as great ease of printing (if required). Main advantages: · Excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility · Resistance to detergents and aggressive chemicals · Greater strength than uncoated films · Brilliance and printability · High surface hardness (pencil) The best adhesive film with anti-fog coating is generally 100μm thick and this requires a robust and technologically advanced laminator that allows to position the film perfectly within the glass perimeter with a perfect applicationt on the glass surface without bubbles generating The laminator is available in different working sizes, with automatic transversal and longitudinal adhesive film cutting device and, on request, with a special pre-cutting function by positioning system on the glass with absolute precision and without overhangs

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