• Flat glass manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic Glass Lamination lines with PVB and TPU. Curved glass manual glass lamination lines with PVB and TPU. Automatic glass lamination lines parts supply such as mangles, reel holder frames, shuttles, etc. Possibility of Autoclaves supply made in Europe Advice and direct assistance with highly specialized personnel with long experience in laminating with PVB film.
  • GLASS LAMINATION OVEN WITH EVA FILM WITH SINGLE, DOUBLE OR MULTIPLE LOADING SHELVES The oven can have convection or radiation heating, depending on the required production speed. The working shelf can be equipped with a bag or with a membrane, both in vulcanized silicone. The vacuum system guarantees a perfect seal and adhesion of the glass sandwich even in the event of the vacuum pump being stopped. The large volume of the heating chamber allows the lamination of flat glass and also curved glass The oven can laminate glass with EVA, TPU and PVB film The oven can laminate decorated or transparent plastic interlayers (PET, PVC, etc.) combined with the plastic film commonly used for lamination.
  • · 4 Color + White · 2 Sizes and 2 Print-head Configurations Available · Water Cooling UV-LED Lamp · High-density UV curable ink produces rich, vibrant colors on coated or uncoated media · With high resolution Epson PrintHeads. 4 colors + white inks models

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