• Firemek is an automated turnkey system for the production of fire resistant glass appreciated for its innovative technology combined with its ease of use which makes the production of EI glass no longer exclusive and, also thanks to the low price, even suitable for medium / small businesses. An intumescent and extremely transparent Silica-based mixture is prepared using a vacuum mixer, following a PLC-controlled process and by means of a special metering pump is poured between two or more glass plates depending on the fire resistance you want to get, EI30, EI60, EI90, etc. The process is completed in the oven, where crosslinking takes place by means of a specially designed technology. The silica-based intumescent gel in normal conditions is perfectly transparent, but in the event of fire it swells creating a thermal-insulating, rigid and opaque foam that guarantees both fire resistance and mechanical resistance (stability). Fire resistant glass protects against flames, smoke and toxic gases, prevents heat transmission through the glass surface and is approved to meet the requirements of European and international EI fire prevention standards
  • The glass plasma treatment by atmospherical pressure is an innovative technology born from GLASS COMPANY experience in flat glass surface treatment special projects. Our atmospheric plasma PLASMEK is a cleaning and treatment cell that allows an alteration of the glass surface tension in a single step, increasing the adhesion of the products applied in the immediate subsequent stages of processing. PLASMEK working system is available for any glass dimension and can be configured in line with other glass processing machines through automated integrations. PLASMEK is a special technology suitable to solve specific problems on several tyoes of coating and adhesives applications on flat glass and for the "sandwich" composition with other technical materials.

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