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Lavatrici orizzontali e verticali, realizzate in acciaio e nelle parti essenziali oppure completamente realizzate in acciaio INOX di alta qualità, sia nella parte di lavaggio che in quella dell’asciugatura. facili come manutenzione manutenzione, a basso consumo energetico, misurazione automatica dello spessore, sono adatte a tutti i tipi di vetro (float, acidato, low-e, da serigrafare, ecc.)
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Glass Beveling edging machine is a nine-head bevel and bottom grinding machine, it can complete rough grinding and fine grinding in one time, the polished effect is similar to a mirror surface, with accurate ground angles. Control system can be choosed the PLC control, automatic and manual conversion. Man-machine      interface clearly shows the glass thickness, width and angle of hypotenuse, remain glass thickness and various parameters. Chain plates are made of thicker steel plates and the side gibs are made with a number of special processing techniques with such features as superior abrasion resistance, deformation resistance, and stable operation etc. The motor of the machine has a solid body, high precision, low-power consumption, suitable for beveling and milling processing of large quantities of glass parts.
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Glass straight line edging machine is suitable for different size and thickness flat glass grinding, it can rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing finish in one time; the polishing flat is similar to the smooth degree of glass body. While adjusting the different processing thickness, (you can reference the digital display in front beam to adjust); front chamfer motor can move synchronically with front beam; with advanced structure; high precision, easy operation.   It is the necessary tool for glass machinery.
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