Fire Resistant Glass Configuration Double Layers Fire Resistant Glass Basic informations This laminated double layers fire resistance glass is made with multiple laminate of float glass with special transparent intumescent interlayer, fire resistant gels and resins. There are several popular gels and resins available in the market. Proper materials are chosen mainly depending on required time and fire-resistance class to be achieved in respect to integrity, heat irradiation and heat insulation. They may also have different characteristics including optical property, light transparency, haze, syneresis property, streak look, acoustic insulation, specific gravity, UV resistant and anti-aging, etc. When fire is broken out, fire side of laminated glass sometimes fractures but interlayer holds them firmly to keep them in place. As temperature gets higher, the gels or foam always become opaque and intumesce with heat insulated and radiation proof to shield flame, smoke, fume and poison gas. The intumescent interlayer prevents radiation heat which could cause combustion on non-fire side. They also provide heat insulation to keep temperature of non-fire side as low as possible. These enable a safe and panic free evacuation at fire scene. If higher levels of fire proof standard are required, Class C monolithic glass, instead of ordinary annealed soda lime glass, is always upgraded by intumescent glass lamination.
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